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ACA Academy of Facial Anatomy

The website, designed and created in collaboration with Bfor\comunicazione, aims to promote the Academy of Facial Anatomy and offer the opportunity to register for dissective anatomy courses through an e-commerce.

UrOP Urologi Ospedalità Gestione Privata

Website design including: Events and conferences organized by UrOP Events and conferences sponsored by UrOP Page dedicated to the Fiuggi Project Press Review Publications News Video Section Geolocation of Association…


The first person to entrust me with the image of one of his shows was Alessandro Benvenuti back in 1987. Benvenuti in Casa Gori proposed a challenge: a single actor…

Nidi d’Arac

The challenge when it comes to designing graphics for Nidi d’Arac is to combine the traditional soul of Salento with the electronic modernity of the group’s sounds. With Salento Senza…

Marcello Pellitteri

For jazz drummer Marcello Pellitteri we designed the graphics for the two CDs dedicated to his daughter Veronica. To remember Veronica Pellitteri, the illustrations used were taken from drawings she…

Roma Jazz Festival

We took care of the creative part of 6 editions (25th to 29th and 31st) of this important musical event, declining a different theme each year, identified in collaboration with…

Fondazione Italiana del Notariato

Hafaliana – La Gioia Onlus

The butterfly is a universal symbol of rebirth and transformation. In the Hafaliana experience, the logo-butterfly evokes the spirit-guide that triggers the power to transcend, through each person’s commitment and…