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Brand Image Featured Web Design December 20, 2018

ACA Academy of Facial Anatomy

The website, designed and created in collaboration with Bfor\comunicazione, aims to promote the Academy of Facial Anatomy and offer the opportunity to register for dissective anatomy courses through an e-commerce.


ACA offers courses in dissective anatomy and the application of surgical techniques by offering diverse modules based on each individual's level and clinical needs.

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We chose purple as the base color for this e-commerce because it is as strong and unusual as the website content.

Completing the website are teachers’ sheets, location descriptions and a dedicated offer for companies to promote their cadaver dissection courses under the auspices of ACA.

Illustrations for course covers

To best describe the courses, taking up the leitmotif of the logo, we designed portraits in which you can see what lies beneath the skin and will be subjects of study for the academy students.

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