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The first person to entrust me with the image of one of his shows was Alessandro Benvenuti back in 1987. Benvenuti in Casa Gori proposed a challenge: a single actor on stage playing all the characters according to the lighting given by a prism. Quoting Andy Warhol, I repeated his face by multiplying it with different colors like a pop icon.

The second encounter with theater was with La Premiata Ditta for whom I designed a logo, comics that came out in Comix Magazine and the playbill and poster for the show Soap.

One Sunday morning in 2001 Lina Wertmüller called me suggested by photographer Marinetta Saglio and one of the most interesting and creative periods of my life started. With her and her husband Enrico Job we edited playbills, posters and theater programs for Storia d’Amore e di Anarchia (the theatrical transposition of the homonymous movie) starring Elio and Giuliana De Sio and Lasciami Andare, Madre, based on the book by Helga Schneider in addition to other projects that did not go through. Unfortunately, in 2004 Enrico Job left us, and no more theatrical work were put into pruduction.

Of the work of these years there is, probably, only a memory left or perhaps one day they will be found in some recondite back up.

The decisive meeting to continue in the world of theater is with Fioravante Cozzaglio and Sergio Fantoni. For their company (La Contemporanea) I will design all the graphics for the shows until 2015, the year they took over the artistic direction of the Teatro Carcano in Milan. For the Carcano I designed and managed the website from 2015 to 2022. In 2021, Sergio Fantoni sadly passes away and Fioravante Cozzaglio decides to leave the artistic direction of the theater, and with them I also leave the scene.


Each show has its own id in which all the information about it can be found: the playbill.


The poster for the show maintains the characteristics of the playbill, but with less information and a more immediate impact.

Theatre programmes

The theater program contains in-depth text and images about the play with explanatory notes about the performance.
Here is the theater program of Processo a Dio in tribute to Sergio Fantoni and Ottavia Piccolo one of my favorite actresses for skills and social commitment.

Musical CDs

When the show is a musical, you cannot miss a CD of the soundtrack.

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