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CDs November 12, 2015

Marcello Pellitteri

For jazz drummer Marcello Pellitteri we designed the graphics for the two CDs dedicated to his daughter Veronica.

To remember Veronica Pellitteri, the illustrations used were taken from drawings she made. For the Aquarius Woman disc we used a watercolor she had made as a child while for Acceptance we included colors on a sketch thrown down during a phone conversation.

Acceptance has psychedelic sounds reminiscent of and beat generation. So we chose graphics reminiscent of the era combined with acid colors.

Aquarius Woman is a more reflective record that lulls like the waves of the sea. And like the sea it is blue, light blue and white with a wave-like motion.


Drummer Marcello Pellitteri is also a pianist, educator, composer, arranger and producer. For nearly 30 years, Pellitteri has taught at Berklee College of Music, where he currently serves as a professor. His musical genres intersect and play with jazz legends, pop stars and young lions.


A heartfelt, touching CD full of thought provoking themes and with high level musicianship throughout. It is a creative, prolific, soulful offering. … Acceptance is truly a gift!”
(Terri Lyne Carrington)

Aquarius Woman

An inspired recording of original music played by some of the most expressive musicians on the scene today” 
(Joe Lovano)

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