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X-PROBE Innovative Training Network

For X-Probe, we designed the logo, meeting posters, and designed the web portal, which opens with a rich homepage that introduces the many functions of X-Probe.

The portal has become a reference point for those involved in protein research, which is a very important source for understanding human structure and finding new drugs and cures.
The project has reached its conclusion in 2019.


X-Probe (Innovative Training Network) was a European project that created close interdisciplinary collaboration among structural biologists, physicists, engineers, software developers and industrial partners.

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The modern, high-impact logo emphasizes the X that evokes the famous rays (X-rays).

In the center is the white O reminding us of the synchrotron ring, the particle accelerator that through its magnetic field and variable electric field creates very strong X-rays.


The site presents all network teams, scientific projects and achievements. Other sections cover refresher courses and News. In Contacts we have included an interactive map of all project partners, addresses and reference contacts as well as a form to send emails directly from the site.

The website has a Restricted Area protected by Username and Password with separate areas for PIs (Principal Investigators) and ESRs (Early Stage Researchers) where those accredited can read information and download files. PIs and ESRs can also place text and files on the aforementioned pages.


Posters, playbills, and posters were used to communicate events during the period of the network’s operation.

In the two examples shown the ceremony for the honorary degree in biochemistry to Professor Wayne Hendrickson of Columbia University and for the workshop on structural protein dynamics held at Sapienza University of Rome.

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