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CDs Featured May 6, 2008

Nidi d’Arac

The challenge when it comes to designing graphics for Nidi d’Arac is to combine the traditional soul of Salento with the electronic modernity of the group’s sounds.

With Salento Senza Tempo, however, Nidi d’Arac offer an unusual, completely acoustic album in which Salento music rediscovers an ancient flavor.

The vivid contrast between black and orange, the crazy movement of the background and the verticalization of the lyrics are contrasted with black and white photographs with an ancient flavor.

Timeless Salento that starts from memories and comes to the present day.


Since 1996, Nidi d'Arac have been experimenting by mixing the music of Salento and southern Italy with electronics and contemporary dance. The band's lead singer is the eclectic musician from Lecce, Alessandro Coppola, whose creativity and love for his land have produced a passionate and careful search for the contents of the tradition, music, poetry and folklore of Mediterranean culture.

Digipack, Booklet, CD

Booklet Layout

The typeface reminiscent of a typewriter puts one in tune with the days of yore, but, at the same time, winks at grunge.

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