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Fondazione Italiana del Notariato


The Italian Foundation of the Notariat operates in the field of legal education and research to foster knowledge of the law and the ordering function of the legal figure of the notary as a guarantee for citizens and the public interest. Training - aimed at professionals and legal practitioners, mainly notaries - is provided both in the traditional form and through an e-learning platform. Training activities are stimulated and supported by a scientific research activity entrusted to groups of researchers from academia, the judiciary and the professions.


Abstraction, Essentiality, Stylization, Dynamism, Authoritativeness, Importance, Institutionality, Value.

A small sphere above two graphisms, almost two “brushstrokes,” stretched from left to right.

In this highly rarefied and projective mark, we can see the extreme stylization of a golden human being, therefore of value, stretching out his arms toward the future. Or, in a “by absence” reading, the main letter of the Foundation, which expresses in great synthesis the idea of “action toward a noble goal,” which the term foundation itself implies: “foundation-action.”

Corporate Identity


Conference Proceedings

From 2006 to 2012, a series with the proceedings of conferences organized by the Italian Notary Foundation was published by Sole24Ore.



XLVII National Congress Of The Notariat

The XLVII National Congress of the National Council of Notaries, a three-day event dedicated to gathering energies and charting the direction of a series of interventions dedicated to the country’s recovery.


Through the logo, the event declares itself as the “energy center” of the country system: the emblazoned medallion of the Order of Notaries becomes a multicolored chakra, from which interventions radiate at all levels, from the more theoretical and speculative aspects (the range of blues, light blues, and violets) to the more operational, active and practical (red and orange), to the aspects of self-evaluation and self-affirmation (yellow) and the love that makes us one as a Nation (green).

Event Coordinated Image

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