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Web Design February 12, 2024


Osmosia, a cutting-edge medical writing agency led by a passionate and creative team, commissioned us to completely revamp their website to better represent their excellence in science communication.

The brief emphasized the need for a dynamic, fully responsive design that would reflect the energy and innovation of Osmosia’s founders.


Osmosia is more than just a medical writing agency: it is the result of a solid friendship and a shared passion for science. Founded by a team of experts in the field, Osmosia stands out for its innovation and attention to detail. Located in Catania, the city that inspires its dynamism, Osmosia is known for its creative and passionate approach to science communication.

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We worked closely with the Osmosia team to completely redefine the design of their website, focusing efforts on both visual appearance and functionality. Using vibrant colors such as purple and blue, we brought strength and dynamism to the graphics, moving away from the pastel tones previously used.

The introduction of almost futuristic background videos added a modern and engaging touch, and images, selected for their artistic creativity, enriched the aesthetics of the site, giving it a visually appealing appearance.

Texts were rewritten in a fluid and creative style, emphasizing Osmosia’s unique approach to science communication. One example is the introduction of the wording “Our DNA” to replace “About Us,” an adaptation that reflects the medical-scientific identity of the content covered.

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