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Featured Web Design September 5, 2023

EosNose, Confronti e azioni in CRSwNP

EosNose is a project dedicated to the creation of a web portal for theoretical and practical training on new evidence and management of CRSwNP (Chronic Rhinosinosinusitis with Nasal Polyposis) pathology.

Commissioned by Mec Congress, the site aims to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning pathway, including theoretical lectures, practical sessions, and opportunities for participants to compare notes.

The goal is to develop knowledge and skills among health care professionals in the treatment of the disease by enabling them to access online educational resources, manage their profiles, and participate in in-person and online events.


CRSwNP (Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyposis), like other chronic diseases has a negative impact on quality of life. The scientific programme includes theoretical lectures and practical sessions, in which learners will be able to discuss new ways of managing the disease in an interactive manner.

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We carefully collaborated with Mec Congress to design and develop the EosNose web portal, with the goal of creating a comprehensive and user-friendly educational environment.

During the development process, we implemented a number of features, including the ability to register for courses, access a restricted area to manage one’s profile, participate in e-learning courses, apply for and download Badges for in-person events, access teaching materials, and view an archive of recorded lectures.

In addition, we structured the website so that students could select one of 20 available locations and participate in the course, either in-person or remotely, held at the chosen location. This approach ensured a comprehensive and accessible educational experience for all participants, enabling them to take the course according to their own needs and preferences.

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