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Brand Image Web Design March 13, 2024


NeuroGroup, an outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of spinal diseases, commissioned the design and implementation of its website, along with the creation of a new logo.

The main objective of the project was to create an online presence that reflected the medical facility’s reputation for excellence, offering a modern and intuitive design, and ensuring an optimized and professional user experience.


NeuroGroup is an innovative outpatient clinic led by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Massimiliano Neroni. Specializing in the treatment of patients with neurological disorders of the spine, NeuroGroup offers high-quality, personalized care. The facility is recognized for the expertise of its medical team and the constant pursuit of excellence in patient care.

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We created the logo for NeuroGroup with the goal of representing the attention and care devoted to patients with neurological disorders.

The naming “NeuroGroup” emphasizes the idea of a specialized team committed to patient care.

The letter “o” in “Neuro” has been replaced with a brain divided by a spine, symbolizing the specificity of treatment for neurological disorders of the spine.

The color blue with gray tones was chosen to convey professionalism, trust and seriousness.


We designed and built the NeuroGroup website with an approach focused on user experience and clarity of information.

We worked diligently to fully understand the needs and peculiarities of the NeuroGroup outpatient clinic. Accurate and accessible transmission of information about specialized therapies for spine disorders has been the central goal of our work.

We created an intuitive and easy-to-navigate structure, allowing patients to quickly find the necessary information and easily book a consultation.

The pathology section was enriched with the ability to select symptoms, providing an effective way to identify related conditions and encourage patients to take action against pain. In addition, we have integrated several informative videos by Dr. Massimiliano Neroni, providing insights into the pathologies treated and related therapies offered at the NeuroGroup outpatient clinic.

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