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Brand Image Featured Web Design November 3, 2023

Studio Tributario Cozzolino

Studio Tributario Cozzolino, a renowned professional firm in the field of tax and tax consulting, commissioned us to design and fully implement its corporate identity, including logo, brand image, website and a dedicated app for its clients.

The brief called for an approach that reflected the firm’s high level of expertise and professionalism, while ensuring an optimal user experience on both the website and app.


In the constantly changing economic environment, influenced by globalization and ever-changing tax laws, running a business has become a complex challenge. Studio Tributario Cozzolino is committed to fostering a business culture, addressing the key players in the economy, be they entrepreneurs or entities.

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Monogram composed of the initials of Studio Tributario Cozzolino STC.

Inspiration for the graphic representation stability, security and movement, the firm’s primary values.

CRM and Mobile App

Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Studio Tributario Cozzolino can interact with its clients to exchange messages and documents.

All CRM functions have been integrated in a Mobile App in IOS and Android format that can be downloaded on mobile phones


In 2023 we developed the website of Studio Tributario Cozzolino, designed to provide users with a wide range of information about the services offered, the firm’s business philosophy and structure.

The site was developed in two languages, Italian and English, to ensure optimal accessibility and effective communication with an international clientele.

We paid special attention to user interface design and content organization to ensure an intuitive and informative browsing experience.

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