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Web Design January 11, 2018


A website, fully responsive to present the activities of Comediarting that we managed until 2021, then we empowered the company to manage the portal independently.

Fundamental to Comediarting’s activities is to comprehensively illustrate both current and past exhibitions.

In addition to organizing new exhibitions, Commediarting also repurposes previously presented exhibitions in different locations. For this reason, the archive of exhibitions has been called PASTFUTURE.


Comediarting realizes and develops events and art projects all over the world. They work alongside artists, galleries, public and private entities that see art as a tool for promoting and developing their image.

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On the homepage of the ComediArting website, after the gallery and a small introduction, both current exhibitions and what has been organized previously appear.

Entering the individual exhibition tab you will find a second menu that will allow you to scroll down the page to what interests you most (photo gallery, description, video, location, etc.). At the bottom of the page you will find all the other organized exhibitions so you can continue browsing.

We wanted to make a strong visual impact by offering large images to immediately bring the visitor into the atmosphere of the event. A touch of brand pink is featured in the titles, and the exhibition stages are also shown on a map.

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